Is Therapy for you?

Do you feel sad or depressed?
Has there been a significant change in your life such as someone dying?
Do you feel that you are “not coping” or that you are coping but worry that you may not always be able to?
Do you find that it is not possible to talk to the people who are closest to you because they are too close to your situation?
Do you feel that you will not be heard and your feelings will not be understood?
Have you received a medical diagnosis, or some event has occurred and you need to make sense of what is happening for you?
Do you feel that you need to talk about your relationships, but cannot do so with the people around you?
Do you wish that situations or relationships were different but you don’t know how to make it different?

Are there feelings or experiences in your life that you have always known and never had a chance to explore with someone able to listen
It may seem strange planning to talk to someone who does not know you, about things that are important to you.
But – counselling can help.

To arrange an initial session please contact me on:
07789 698986