How are you feeling?


This is a poem that came from a personal exploration.
The writer no longer feels that this applies to them – but it does describe how they felt at one time.

The Nothing Person

I am the Nothing Person. Now you know!
I have not got a clue, how to go
About the business of relating.
The person that you see
Is just a show
A very skilful act
Developed over years
But all the time inside
Beneath the social layers
I am the nothing person.
Now you know.

I am the nothing person
Don’t you know?
In certain situations I just glow
With life and love and happiness
And even I, don’t often look below
To face the brutal fact
To see what’s really there
That does not have a name
And is too scared to share in life
I am the nothing person. Don’t you know?

And even as I cry the bitter tears
And as I try to look
At what it is I fear
That has eluded me for years and for years
Even now, I know I must repair
The gaping hole, the huge revealing tear
In the fabric of my being.
For none must ever be aware
Of the nothing person hiding there.

It isn’t that I care
What other people think
It’s just that I feel sure
That I would not survive
Unable to live
Unable to give what is required
To make a relationship alive.
So it’s better to pretend
I have learnt to be a friend
I have learnt to play a game
I have even made a name
For myself
As one who really cares
But all the time I know
That it is just a show
I am the Nothing Person, Don’t you know?


Is Christmas really “The most wonderful time of the year”. Sometimes it is, but there are times when it is not.

A Family Christmas

Anxiety, Anger
Indifference and Fear
All hidden under
A polite veneer
With a bright pretence
At Christmas cheer
Can you see why I don’t like
This time of year?

Spring is nearly here

Spring is all about new life and waking up and growing after
Winter Is spring the time to start looking at yourself
what can change
what you can do to activate growth and vibrancy and colour
Maybe Spring is the time for you to seek counselling
talk about things that keep you in winter
start finding the way for you to grow
Maybe while Spring is all around you are missing someone
or facing pain
Come and talk about that too


One of the key qualities that facilitates change in the counselling process is to experience empathy.
Empathy: The power of projecting one’s personality into (and so fully understanding) the object of contemplation

If you can see inside my head
If you can see inside my heart
If you can feel the pain I feel
If you can be there when I start
To cry or laugh or shout or scream
If you can share in what I dream
If you can understand my mind
Such skills you have in empathy
Trained, developed and refined
So I no longer feel alone
It seems that you are with me
And I can take another look
And feelings that have hurt me
The do not seem so frightening
They do not seem so mad
Not so overwhelming
Not so bleak and not so bad
I can start to see the truth of it
What is false and what is real
If you are standing next to me
Feeling what I feel