One of the key qualities that facilitates change in the counselling process is to experience empathy.
Empathy: The power of projecting one’s personality into (and so fully understanding) the object of contemplation

If you can see inside my head
If you can see inside my heart
If you can feel the pain I feel
If you can be there when I start
To cry or laugh or shout or scream
If you can share in what I dream
If you can understand my mind
Such skills you have in empathy
Trained, developed and refined
So I no longer feel alone
It seems that you are with me
And I can take another look
And feelings that have hurt me
The do not seem so frightening
They do not seem so mad
Not so overwhelming
Not so bleak and not so bad
I can start to see the truth of it
What is false and what is real
If you are standing next to me
Feeling what I feel